Workshops Starting This Week!

One of the highlights of becoming a Rena-Fi subscriber is the unlimited access to any of our workshops, which are going live next week!

Workshops are a single or multi-session, hosted online training webinar with an emphasis on discussion over presentation. Activities and exercises for the participants will be provided during each session, as well as between sessions.

As a subscriber you gain free access to as many workshops as you like and as many sessions as you desire. The current list of workshops includes:

ADHD Friendly Financial Management will cover ADHD friendly practices to better manage money.

Coaching Entrepreneurs is designed towards working with small cohorts of participants to help build their vision, reduce risk and become more successful.

Real Estate 101 will cover all the basics of real estate investing including a targeted approach to preparing yourself and your family for buying a home or your first investment property.

Presenting Like a Pro will help elevate your presentations and your skill as a presenter beyond the basics.

Deep Hooks™ is a workshop focused on stories, images, and emotions, or “deep hooks” to create an immediate and lasting impact on any audience you may be presenting to.  

Slide Secrets™ presents real examples of slides that are good, what works and why, what doesn’t and how to fix it, and practical applications for you to try.

To RSVP and claim your spot, login to your account today. Head over to the events section and reserve your spot now.

And, if you aren’t yet a subscriber and would like to gain access to one of our workshops, then you have that chance as well. Signup today for immediate access to one of these great workshops!

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