Workshops – A Brand NEW Subscriber Feature

We are continuously working to enhance the benefits of being a Rena-Fi subscriber. Are you ready for this new feature? Unlimited access to workshops!

Workshops are registered events limited to a certain number of people on a particular subject done via video conferencing. An qualified educator will moderate and teach basic principles on each subject and then work with individuals based on their interaction. Think of it like a crash course in each subject (everything you need to know), but delivered within the intimacy of a small group.  Our goal is to deliver personalized, hands on training complete with accountability features, all directed by an experienced coach.

These workshops are designed to give our subscribers access to instructors and information as it relates to them. Many of our workshops will be repeated over the course of the year.  With different participants, no two workshops will be the same. We encourage you to attend as many as you want!

Workshops will vary based on the instructor. Some will be eight ongoing weekly sessions while others will be single session events.

The workshops listed below are open for enrollment, with new workshops being added weekly. As of this post, workshops will be driven by student availability (filling out a form with best times). After we get a general indication of best time slots, we will start scheduling them on the calendar.

Richard Webster, CEO of Rena-Fi, Inc. will be offering workshops on Coaching Entrepreneurs, Real Estate 101 and ADHD Friendly Financial Management.

We have also brought on Steve Samson from Samson Speaking who will be coaching participants through workshops like Presenting Like a Pro, Deep Hooks – Making Your Delivery Memorable and Slide Secrets – A Guide to Your Best Presentation.

Keep an eye on our events calendar, or on our website via workshop catalog link on the front page.

We hope you’ll take full advantage of your subscription and participate in these workshops.

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