Real Estate 101

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    • Are you looking to invest in your future by getting into real estate? Will this be your first home, second home or do you want to learn the basics of renting and having an investment property?
    • In this eight week course, all the basics will be covered including a targeted approach to preparing yourself and your family for buying a home or first investment. This includes learning how to become more attractive to lenders as well as finding the right niche to invest in.
    • When it comes to investment properties, we will explore both short term (fix and flip) strategies, as well as long term, buy and hold scenarios.
    • Participants will have ample opportunities to participate in discussions and get their questions answered.
    • Participants will learn:
      • Credit requirements and general mortgage readiness
      • Budgeting and savings strategies
      • Loans available and assistance programs
      • What being a landlord is really like
      • Real estate investment know how

Workshop Presenter

Richard Webster

Richard Webster’s nearly four decades navigating the sometimes choppy waters of being a real estate entrepreneur have brought him a wealth of knowledge that his role as Rena-Fi’s CEO now makes available to those who come into his orbit.

Over the course of his career, he grew to understand that making a living must be values-driven and that how we handle business and money has its roots in our often-subconscious feelings and drives. It’s critical to know the nuts-and-bolts of handling money and working a business, but without the context of one’s values, and without some awareness of the emotional bases of behaviors, success can be elusive.

Rick’s expertise in real estate and entrepreneurship derives from his varied career not just as a real estate broker successfully helping close to 2000 people buy and sell their homes, but also from broader engagements, such as owning and running mortgage brokerages, renovating and managing rental properties, and working with foreclosure, short sale, and loan modification strategies.

At the core of everything he’s accomplished has been Richard’s deep empathy for and understanding of the people he’s worked with, and his ability to teach. For Richard success has an individual stamp and path. His motto has always been “It’s not just business, it’s personal”.

In his capacity as CEO of Rena-Fi, he is now bringing this perspective, vision, and passion to an area of life he considers foundational—personal money management.



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