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UPLift Challenge – Financial Mindset – Week One

In order to work with your money mindset in a way that shifts your relationship to money and your financial outcomes in a positive direction, you first need to attain some clarity about what yours is. 

All of us operate from a system of beliefs about money—some conscious, many unconscious. We got these from our parents and society at large, who got theirs from their parents and society at large, etc. As we grow up and become independent, we tend to live out the paradigms we received as children. Until or unless something happens to wake us up.

You will have a life-long, intimate, powerful relationship with money. It affects everything about how you live your life. Your money mindset is also a life-long companion. It is the basis for your relationship with money. The bad news is that if you are living on auto-pilot having learned unhelpful beliefs in your childhood, not much will change for you. 

The good news is that as you get familiar with your money mindset—and because you are showing up here on Day One of this challenge—you can make positive changes and those changes will ripple out through your entire life. It’s that powerful.

This week you’ll start by learning about this constant companion so that you can begin to make adjustments where needed.

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