UPLift Your Life Challenge


April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month. What better time to take a look at your relationship with money and begin to make small, easy steps towards creating habits that empower and enrich you?

We at Rena-Fi have created this simple, easy, but powerful 21-Day experience for you. It will give you clarity, motivation, and confidence as you seek to become more mindful about your money habits. It will help you learn to align them with your most cherished values. And it will empower you to approach this important subject with intentionality and purpose.

Does that sound like a tall order? Well, we all know that deep and lasting changes take consistent work over time, sometimes hard work. But the truth is, the best way to approach that work is in baby steps. Quantum leaps tend to backfire, because we changed too much too fast. Just think back to all those times you joined a gym on January 1, signed up for a personal trainer, started a rigorous exercise program, and told yourself you would go every day for the rest of your life? What happened?

Small, consistent steps over time can create profound and lasting positive changes precisely because they are small and consistent, and build on each other. In the beginning, the results will be subtle. Only you will notice them. As your momentum builds, others will begin to see the changes. And before you know it, an aspect of your life will be transformed for good. Which means you, too, will be transformed. For the better!

Do you want to get control over your financial life, and create wellbeing for yourself and your family? We believe you can do that, and we invite you to begin now. This 21-Day program is just the beginning.

Starting in May, we will be providing 30 days of similar prompts each month, based on that month’s Financial Literacy topic. As a Rena-Fi subscriber, you’ll be able to use these prompts to keep yourself learning and accountable, and to reinforce your mastery of the topic.

The program is simple and straightforward. Each week has a theme, a guiding quote to keep you inspired, a guiding principle to keep you focused, a core exercise, and a daily prompt you can do in about 10 minutes. We encourage you to find a time when you’re able to relax and focus.

What you learn about yourself will be information you can use going forward, so it’s good to keep all your responses in one place—a small notebook or a folder on your tablet or phone. Stay tuned on social media for prompts posted daily and use the hashtag #upliftchallenge on your journey.

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