The Ultimate Budget for Groceries

We’ve all been there – starving and in the middle of a store that sells nothing but food. The aromas entice us, everything sounds good, and any notions of a budget or a list are thrown by the wayside.

Do you know the definition of a plan? It’s a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. Plans go awry when hunger strikes or kids aren’t cooperating, BUT if you were more mindful of making sure everyone was fed prior to shopping, a detailed list was in hand with just the right amount of cash – how likely do you think you’d be to stick to your goal? Probably a lot more likely.

Kat Nielsen, our VP of Operations knows organization and food. She has two kids that are with her 24/7 while she does all things Rena-Fi. She makes pretty much everything from scratch and has a food blog. Kat wanted to put together a master plan for getting into the grocery store, sticking to a budget and having the pantry fully stocked for all hunger cravings till the next shopping trip.

This guide covers tons of tips, meal planning steps, setting budgets, shopping the sales and heading to the store. It’s THE ultimate guide. Without further delay:

Ultimate Grocery Shopping Checklist

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Hi! I’m Kat.  I work for Rena-Fi, Inc. I’ve been here since its inception.  I actually filed all the corporate paperwork, so you could say I’ve been here since before the beginning.

I may have some fancy titles, but I’m really and truly just a regular middle-class American gal. I’ve been through some financial hardships and that’s what I’m bringing to the table today in order to relate to you, not about my job, but my struggle with money.


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