The ADHD Holiday Survival Guide for Your Wallet

The holidays crept up on you again and you’re feeling all the feelings – overwhelmed, depressed, overtired, stressed, feeling a sense of social obligation to spend money – all the  “seemingly getting nothing done” feelings – but you have ADHD, so that’s kind of normal. Right? 

Other than your emotions and physical body taking a turn for the worse during the holidays, your finances usually suffer right alongside them. You should have budgeted money to spend. You should have planned gift ideas before Thanksgiving. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. 

You’re here now and it’ll all be okay. How can we say this confidently? Because you’re taking the initiative to learn how to do better; to show up for your holidays with the intention that you’re going to make it work. It may not be as it was last year, but how’s that working out for you?

End the cycle and just do your best! How? We created this workbook for the times when you need to set a budget, to be real with where you are with your planning, and most of all, to find ways to do it within your means. 



It includes questions to ask yourself so you don’t find you’re blowing your budget of time and/or money. It has a fillable budget just for the season. A printable is provided to help you outline gifts for everyone on your list. It also has tips for no or low-cost gifts with the ADHDer in mind. And we included some tips to keep you as holly and jolly as the holidays should be. 

If you have more questions, reach out to us anytime on LiveChat.  We can connect you with resources that’ll help you. We also encourage you to sign up for a Rena-Fi annual subscription today where you’ll get a free strategy call.  We’d like to help make sure this is the last year you feel like you’re drowning in overwhelm and debt.


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