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Three ADHD Friendly Ways to Better Financial Health

Three ADHD Friendly Ways to Better Financial Health

Anyone who lives with ADHD knows we’re dealing with an extra layer of complication when it comes to navigating life. Ignore that at your peril. ADHD management is a crucial factor in financial success. Think, “Know Thyself.”  

With that, here are three concepts I hope you will find thought-provoking, and useful:

1) You can’t save your way to wealth.

Saving is crucial, yes. Living below your means is paramount. Plugging the leaks in your money situation is critical. But earning more is the only way to rapidly improve your stability quotient and accelerate your progress. Add to that, having more income is considerably more pleasant than living a life of ordering from the right-hand side of the menu.

An Abstract Look at an ADHDers Financial Problems

An Abstract Look at an ADHDers Financial Problems

ADHDers have serious financial problems, at four times the rate of the general population, it’s been said. It’s not because you/we can’t balance a checkbook. ADHD is not on the intelligence spectrum.

Are you ready to “Rena-Fi” your understanding of financial behavior?

Are you familiar with those drawings where you see an image but then suddenly the image flips into something else?  Those drawings contain a profound truth. You cannot see both images at the same time. Try it.

New Affiliate Partnership with Attention Deficit Disorder Association

It’s an exciting day for those with ADHD. How can that be when ADHD typically provides such a challenge? It’s because someone who faces this hurdle every day, our CEO Rick Webster, for example, has made it his personal mission and as a company, mission to empower everyone financially – giving you, no matter what obstacles you face, exactly what you need, the way you need it.

It’s why we are pleased to announce Rena-Fi, Inc.’s partnership with ADDA – the Attention Deficit Disorder Association.