Suffering from Holiday Overwhelm? – Free eBook

It’s now after Thanksgiving and the race is on. But what race? Is it the race to find the most joy and contentment? Is it the race for all the right sales? What does this season mean to you?

If we honestly think about the questions above, or even reflect on what the day after Thanksgiving means or what the day after Thanksgiving should mean, then it may just help us get into the right frame of mind for what our expectations are of the season. 

But with all the things pulling us away from our centered values and expectations, we get stressed, we get rushed, we get overwhelmed. 

In order to help you make positive changes towards the holidays YOU want, we have to calm the overwhelm. Cindy Jobs is an Associate Certified Coach (ICF-certified) and a productivity and organizational coach who has been working with us on various events and now this e-book. She’s awesome and we are glad to have these tools in our toolbox to combat all the “yuck” so you can have more joy and mindfulness this season. 

In this book we tackle getting your house and task lists in order, boundaries, preparation, the power to say no, and setting a budget. Click the link and get a copy for yourself. 

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