Renee Crook, ACG

Renee Crook was an elementary school teacher for 12 years. She spent thousands of hours researching and training other educators about the learning challenges experienced by students, with a specific focus on ADHD. This expertise led Renee to her own evaluation and diagnosis of ADHD: Primarily Inattentive Type in her early 30s.

Renee found that an adult diagnosis of ADHD can lead to feelings of relief as well as grief, regrets, “what-ifs”, and realizations about a lifetime of dysfunctional patterns and habits. She discovered that working through the maze of feelings and stumbling blocks can be a daunting, lonely, painful and exhausting process.

Renee worked with an ADHD coach and discovered that a “tough love” approach wasn’t what she needed; instead, she needed kindness, compassion, gentleness, empathy, and permission to forgive herself, as often as necessary. Today, Renee is this ADHD coach for her clients.

Renee also learned that she had Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria, which is common among people with ADHD, and now she is able to educate and support her clients who share this additional challenge.

Renee helped me to find peace and self-acceptance. After that, small miracles started to follow.

Sheila, California

My internal dialogue has changed from blame and shame to pride and self-care.

Frances, Washington

I don't know if it's her training, her natural skill, or her character that makes Renee so goo at coaching- I suspect it's all three.