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Renaissance Partners

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Jen Lee

Here at Rena-Fi, we pride ourselves on the connections we are making with like-minded thinkers and businesses who are out there doing, who are spreading amazing messages, and those that are helping us learn and grow. 

Renaissance Partners are simply (and wonderfully) the name of people who have, and are working with us to expose you to a well-rounded behavioral finance platform that is both academic and practical. Our goal is to give subscribers the ultimate chance to gain control of their financial futures but doing so through a renaissance that considers all aspects of growth.

Below please find a list of all the people we’ve partnered with to further your financial education in unique and wonderful ways:

Our Partners

Racheal Allen

Pierre Evans

Jessica Garcia

Dr. Arlene Goodman 

Monica Marie Jones

Steve McClain

Jen Lee

Monica Casarez

Amanda Nelson

Natalie Norton

Nedra Glover Tawwab

Monte Payne 

Jen Paterson

Tina Pittman

Cliff Prang

Tamesha Rouse

Steve Samson

Eric Smith

Linda Walker

Rob Wilson

Carla White

Marvin Yates

Note: These individuals and businesses are not business ‘partners,’ but have had their material, message and/or opinions shared on our platform.

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