Affiliates, Partners & Special Guests

Check out our affiliates, partners and special guests for great supporting content.  We are proud to associate ourselves with the following coaches, instructors and experts.

Duane Gordon

President of ADDA.
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Cindy Jobs, ACC

Coaching & Organizing. ADHD life simplified through education, structure, and support.
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Kelley Long, CFP & CPA

Financial Bliss Coach. CPA/PFS, CFP®, Unbiased Financial Coach, HSA expert, Financial Wellness Activist
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Renee Crook, AACC

ADDed Perspective Coaching. ADHD Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Support Group Facilitator, Board Member for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA).
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Sandy Stamato

Limb Dweller Business Coaching. Transformational Business Coach.
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Monica Marie Jones

Your source for personal and professional growth.
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Melissa Reskof

Community building and outreach
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Elizabeth Lewis

Healthy ADHD and the ADHD Enclave. Calming the chaos through the strength of community.
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Elizabeth Brink

ADHD Coach. The ADHD Enclave.
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Jen Lee

Debt relief attorney. A caring approach to debt and credit strategy.
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David Soble

Real Estate Attorney. Proven Resource.
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Lynn Miner-Rosen

M.Ed., ACC, CDCS, ICF credentialed Career Development Coach, ADHD Coach, and Life Coach. ADHD Job Squad™ and LMR Coaching
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Special Guests

Note: These individuals and businesses are not business ‘partners,’ but have had their material, message and/or opinions shared on our platform.