Rena-Fi’s Renaissance – Coming Together for Change

Did you know that the United States ranks 14th globally in financial literacy, and that between 2009-2015 Americans got worse at answering five key personal finance questions posed by FINRA – a major U.S. financial regulator? (Source—Visual Capitalist, Jeff Desjardin, October 28, 2018). Clearly, something needs to change radically with respect to how financial literacy is defined, developed, and delivered.

Rena-Fi’s Renaissance constitutes this change. Our programs are designed not just to educate our subscribers on the academic how-tos of financial literacy, but also to facilitate their enlightened self-interest, intentional living, and future growth. We are embarking on a holistic approach to financial education, one that will empower individuals to make conscious choices for a better future.

For us, clarity about personal finance is a key to personal growth and overall well-being. This clarity must be based on behavioral analysis, which reveals how a person’s life and habits affect their finances. To help individuals come to an understanding of why they do what they do, we’ll be drawing on related science, including psychological and physiological theories. We will then build on that self-understanding with knowledge about finances, math, and even communication.

We are creating a platform to bring science, math, analysts, and catalysts together to shape our knowledge of money and finances. We will engage with behaviorists, scholars, coaches, psychologists, and those on a transformational path. Making these thought-leaders and change agents available to our subscribers will help them gain the self-understanding and the practical tools they need to make lasting, long-term, positive changes in their lives.

It’s past time to create a Renaissance in how individuals learn to manage their finances. The future depends on it. Rena-fi is creating a phenomenal path to renewal. Won’t you join us?

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