‘Quick’ Ways to Improve Your Credit

While there is no real way to fix damaged credit fast, there are quick tips to help you improve your credit sooner rather than later.

Pay down your credit card to a zero or low balance. If you’ve had a higher balance and you pay down your card, with no other changes, your credit score will bump up noticeably within one billing cycle.

Set-up bill pay reminders. It takes only a few minutes per account but if you’re notoriously late, paying on time will definitely help your credit as it equates to 35% of your credit score. One late payment can drop your score drastically and alter your score for years to come.

Get credit if you don’t have any. If you don’t have a history, then you can’t be scored on it. You can get a credit card and only charge one or small things to it, paying it off immediately.

Increase your credit. If you’re not looking to borrow right now, consider opening up an additional line of credit, or credit cards.  You are judged on the percentage of your available credit you are using. Increasing your credit lines, and reducing your balances will help bump up your numbers so long as this method is followed.

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