Promo Deal with Elaine Taylor-Klaus!

October is ADHD Awareness Month at Rena-Fi, and that means an action-packed month full of resources designed to better your ADHD life!  We have promotions, live events, and tons of free resources. 

At Rena-Fi, we believe that knowledge is power.  To further that end, we are giving anyone who signs up with Rena-Fi on an annual subscription basis during the month of October a copy of the brand new book by Elaine Taylor-Klaus of, The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids.

Elaine’s book examines the most frequent parenting challenges while simultaneously teaching us how to be better ourselves. Using scientifically proven strategies, she helps you to set up effective and realistic expectations for your kids.  

And don’t miss out! Elaine will be doing an event with us on October 20th related to her book. It’s FREE and you’ll get the opportunity to ask her questions live and in person!

Mark your calendar to become a subscriber in October and register for the event today!

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