Put Your Expenses on a Budget Calendar – Fillable Worksheet

Budgeting and keeping track of bills can be difficult and it’s easy to forget about paying a bill if it’s not right in front of you!  To make things easier, we’ve created a budget calendar where you can mark down due dates for things such as rent and utilities. It’s an easy way to help keep you organized, and we’ve even created a set of color coding instructions for you to follow.  You can use anything colored you like to help you fill out your calendar and track when your expenses are due, but we suggest yard sale stickers or bingo markers. However, markers, crayons, or even colored pencils will work fine depending on how you want to mark things down.  A colored dot may be enough of a reminder for some, and others may want to include the cost.

  • Rent/Mortgage
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Subscription Services
  • One Off Bills (Co-pay, insurance, trash, etc.)
  • Extras (Vacations, family activities, events, etc.)

Once you’ve given our calendar a try, please share below!  Let us know how it’s working for you and if you’ve made any personal adjustments.  And, if you’re on social media, snag a picture of it in use and use the hashtag #renafimybills to let everyone know how great you’re doing and how we can help!

You can get our calendar here!

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