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October: Special Events

We are excited to announce the special events on the calendar for the month of October. 

Here’s a look at the events that have been scheduled so far:

  • Month of October: ADHD Awareness Month where we will have a wide array of ADHD content ready to go live along with workshops and live events scheduled with top ADHD professionals. 
  • October 17th at 9pm ESTThe Power of Improv – a live workshop with TedX speaker, comedian, and actor Cliff Prang
  • October 23rd- Financial Problems in an ADHD Marriage – a live Q&A event with ADDA president Duane Gordon and ADHD and entrepreneur coach Linda Walker
  • October 28th-  Professional Advice to Help Your Financial Life –  a live Mastermind event with professional CPA Jeff Unalp and debt and finance attorney Jen Lee
  • October 30th at 5-6pm EST Raising an ADHD Child or Teen –  a live Mindshare event with Dr. Sharon Saline, a top ADHD expert 
  • TBD Everything You Never Knew About the ADHD Brain –  a live Mindshare event with Alison Kravit, Psy.D. AAC, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Certified ADHD Coach
  • TBD Time Management Tips and Tricks – a live Mindshare event with Cindy Jobs, a Certified Organization Coach and Associate Certified Coach

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We urge you to not miss out on this exciting month worth of events! Become a subscriber today to get full replays of all the events and access to attend all the live events scheduled. 

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