New Affiliate Partnership with Attention Deficit Disorder Association


It’s an exciting day for those with ADHD. How can that be when ADHD typically provides such a challenge? It’s because someone who faces this hurdle every day, our CEO Rick Webster, for example, has made it his personal mission and as a company, mission to empower everyone financially – giving you, no matter what obstacles you face, exactly what you need, the way you need it.

It’s why we are pleased to announce Rena-Fi, Inc.’s partnership with ADDA – the Attention Deficit Disorder Association.

Their mission directive is to help adults with ADHD to live better.  ADDA will have a brand new section on their website (found here) where Rena-Fi will be delivering specific content developed for those with ADHD. As an added bonus, ADDA members will have access to educational events specifically for ADHDers.

On the Rena-Fi platform, we are continuously designing content and money management webinars created specifically with ADHDers in mind.

We can all look forward to a better future and a great relationship with money.  Stay tuned.

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