How to Have Money Conversations

Have you ever wanted to talk about money and finances but were unsure as to where to start? How about starting a discussion with your teen to start getting them prepared for life on their own? Are you getting engaged and need to be sure the values your potential partner has with money align with yours? Or are you part of a mom’s group and want to connect on a deeper level with other women?

We have compiled discussion topics specific to: Kids, Teens, College Students, Engaged Couples, Married Couples, Adults and ADHDers.

The questions outlined in each of the documents don’t have right answers. They were designed to prompt conversation, healthy debate and strengthen any relationship. These questions can be done on your own in a journal or in simple thought provoking manner. They can encourage student discussions or can be used for report topics. The questions can also be used in a group setting where accountability partners are present, where getting to connect with others is a priority, or simply to drive lively conversation.

We hope you enjoy these documents and encourage you to check in with us if you have more questions to add to the lists, or to tell us how you’ve been using the documents.

Money Discussion Questions – ADHD

Money Discussion Questions – Adults

Money Discussion Questions – Engaged Couples

Money Discussion Questions – Married Couples

Money Discussion Questions – Kids

Money Discussion Questions – Teens

Money Discussion Questions – College Students

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