MindShare Webinars for Awesome, Relevant Content

Have you been unsure as to who Rena-Fi is and why a subscription is something to consider? We listened, and wanted to give you a taste of what to expect.

Mindshare Webinars are  hosted video conferences wherein Rena-Fi brings in speakers focusing on financial and behavioral topics that are relatable, current and awesome. Mindshares are supplemental to the regular Rena-Fi program and offered to non-subscribers on our social media.

The format for the Mindshare Webinars is a presentation given by the speaker, followed by an audience Q&A segment. Just one more great reason to tune in live so you can be a part of the discussion!

There is no specified date or time. As we book speakers, and their schedule with ours for streaming, we will book on the date on the Rena-Fi calendar. Some months we may have one, other months we could have a dozen.

Full replays will be available to subscribers only, so these webinars are like limited edition flavors – once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Keep an eye on our events calendar, or our social media for these limited time events.

We hope you’ll watch and participate in a few to get a flavor for what a full membership in Rena-Fi has to offer.

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