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It’s the holiday season again and we all know what that means.  Gift giving! Some of us love it and some of us feel stressed about it. Whether you feel like it’s a chore or love it, you may not know where to begin. We are here to help! There are so many choices and, sometimes, even well-meaning gifts can cause accidental stress.  After all, someone is receiving that gift whether they have room for it or not.  


Often times we find ourselves getting a gift we don’t want, need, or have room for, but we don’t want to be rude and reject it. In being respectful toward the gift giver, we accept, but this leaves us with extra clutter after the festivities are over.  However, it also presents us with a unique opportunity: regifting. Take those gifts that just aren’t for you and place them in a regifting closet to give to someone who will appreciate them later. It can be the perfect way to declutter, reuse, and save yourself some money during the holiday season!

Of course, regifting isn’t the only way to go.  Is there an activity someone in your family really enjoys that there just hasn’t been time for?  You can spend your time on someone instead of money. How about taking some time to help with a project someone has been begging to show you or get you onboard with? After all, gifts are nice, but everyone’s time together is precious and valuable.  Spending time instead of money on a person can show you’ve taken the time to see what their needs are in offering your help. That kind of gift is unique and precious in its own way.

Another route to go is DIY or homemade gifts.  Do you enjoy baking, sewing, or another hobby that can yield potential gifts?  It can be a great way to use some of the extra supplies you have lying around and it will save you some money this holiday season!  Consider baking a batch of someone’s favorite cookies as a gift or making a stuffed toy instead of spending money on something store-bought.  The time and effort that go into creating such gifts won’t go unappreciated. Even if you’re not very creative, Pinterest is a great place to find gift ideas!  There’s something for everyone out there.

No matter how you choose to celebrate others this season, know there are a ton of resources out there to help you maximize what you already have, because chances are, you have more than enough. Join our community and discuss your ideas and hacks with others as they do the same, or join us on Instagram and view all the great ideas?


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