Kelley Long, CPA/PFS, CFP

Growing up I was always interested in money, but ironically I didn’t really “get” how it all worked until several years into my career as a CPA. I had a degree AND a license in money and still didn’t get it, so I totally understand why personal finance is such a conundrum for others. My mission is to simplify and de-mystify money for even the most numbers-averse so you can find your own version of financial bliss. 

Throughout my career as a CFP® professional and financial coach, I’ve worked with over 2,500 individuals and couples on all aspects of their money. My philosophy is that there is a technically correct answer to every money decision, although we sometimes may not know that answer until it’s too late to change the path. But there is also a correct answer for YOU, and those are often not the same thing. My role as a financial coach is to help you understand the pros and cons of your decisions so that you can make your choices with confidence and joy. 


For people who aren’t even in a place yet to be discussing decisions, my role is to help remove the shame and help you see a clear positive step to begin the journey. Each person’s path is different – it’s my privilege to help you determine yours and get comfortable along the way!





CPA/PFS (PFS = Personal Finance Specialist, a designation awarded by the AICPA exclusively to CPA financial planners.)



Random Facts:


I spent over 5 years as a financial wellness coach for the only completely unbiased workplace financial wellness provider in the nation. Remaining unbiased is of the ultimate importance to me, which is why I’m not aligned with any financial services companies.

I keep a worm compost bin in my office.

My husband and I foster cats through ALIVE Rescue in Chicago.

My favorite job ever was bartending at Scott’s Harbor Grill in Traverse City, Michigan, my hometown.

I am an expert on Health Savings Accounts and household recycling (I said this was random!)