No Spend/More Than Enough – UPLift Challenge

No-Spend/More-Than-Enough Challenge

Abundance is not something we acquire. It’s something we tune into. —Wayne Dyer

January is the month when most of us decide to make some kind of radical change. This year we’re really going to do it. We’re going to lose that 25 pounds. We’re going to get those washboard abs. We’re going to get out of debt. We’re going to write that bestseller. We’re going to be nicer to everybody. We’re going to be more responsible. We’re going to reach enlightenment. 

We’re going to become…well…not to put too fine a point on it..perfect. Finally, we’re going to achieve it. Whatever it is.

Welp. How’s that worked for you up to now? Yeah, same here. It doesn’t. At least for most of us. And none of us reach perfection. 

So here’s an idea. How about setting the bar a little…differently…this January? 

Instead of striving yet again for whatever version of perfection taunts you from just out of reach year after year, how about reaching for the understanding that you not only have more than enough, you are more than enough? And how about, based on that, seeing how you can choose to not spend money on nonessentials?

This month, instead of our usual UPLift Challenge, we’re inviting you on a less prescribed journey of self-discovery. Think of it as a reset button for the start of the new decade. This month we’ll be guiding you to do a combination of activities around a theme for each week, that will inspire you to see the abundance already present in your life. And seeing that abundance will help you not to spend money on things you might otherwise.

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