Interactive Courses

Our interactive Courses last eight weeks and include a presentation and a workshop every week. These courses are supplemented with worksheets, recordings and one-on-one consultations with course instructions.  The courses are lead by top instructors Rick Webster, Cindy Jobs, Renee Crook, and Kelley Long.

Upcoming Interactive Course

Rick Webster teaches...

Entrepreneurs with ADHD

This course introduces students with ADHD to the basics of entrepreneurship, small business and self-employment.

Throughout the eight-week course you will learn to assess and recognize your creativity, innovation and hone your entrepreneurial passions. We will build a foundation of basic business concepts such as entrepreneurial economics, human resource management, social responsibility, use of technology and the acquisition of funds.

Here, at Rena-Fi, you will think critically about why you’ve chosen your particular business.

Meet the Instructor

Rick Webster, CEO

Diagnosed with ADHD himself almost twenty years ago, Rick Webster, our CEO and leader here at Rena-Fi, Inc.,is a long-time ADDA and CHADD associate and ADHD coach.  As a committed member to his local ADHD communities, Rick’s personal mission to help ADHDers thrive helped him to step naturally into a board position with CHADD.  Rick states, “Like many or even most people with ADHD, I’ve struggled to find my tribe, to find my place of belonging, and to find purpose. It’s not so much that I’m on the board; it’s that I’m home.”

While Rick is ADHD himself, he is also the father of four adult daughters (two diagnosed with ADHD) who are thriving as they build families and successful careers of their own design. He has coached countless individuals with ADHD, and been able to answer thousands of unique questions over the years helping to solidify his understanding of what it means to be ADHD.

As the founder and CEO of Rena-Fi, Inc., his mission is to bring affordable quality financial education to anyone who seeks it. Rick sees a synergistic opportunity to bring financial education to those who need it most, the ADHD community, and he looks forward to serving this community on multiple levels.

Other Interactive Courses

Finding Your Financial Bliss

with Kelley Long, CFP & CPA

Blindsided by Emotions

with Renee Crook, ACC & ACG

ADHD-Friendly Personal Finance

with Rick Webster, CEO

Organizing for Success

with Cindy Jobs, ICF-credentialed

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