4-Day Intensive Seminars

4-Day Intensive Seminars

In these 4-Day Intensive Seminars that start on the second Friday of every month we get a deep, intense look at particular subject matter.  These seminars total 8 hours of class time with 2 hours on Friday and Saturday for two weeks straight.

Upcoming Intensive Seminar

Sandy Stamato teaches...

A Seriously Playful Approach to Sales

If you've ever said "I hate sales" this workshop is for you.

 You’ve read the books, you’ve taken the sales training, you’ve manifested, intentioned and visioned away but you just can’t shake the “I hate sales” thing. If so, this class is for YOU! Combining years as a professional sales trainer with her “limb dweller”, playful, interactive business coaching technique, Sandy invites and challenges you to debunk, reframe, and recreate your old image of “sales”. Then you’ll practice new sales skills from this different perspective. Sandy brings a fresh approach to an old challenge so that you, and your business, can thrive! Want to know what a Limb Dweller is? Visit Sandy’s website.

Sandy invites and challenges you to debunk, reframe, and recreate your old image of "sales".

Meet the Instructor

Sandy Stamato

Sandy Stamato is a credentialed (ICF) professional business coach and the founder of Limb Dweller Business Coaching.  Limb Dweller Business Coaching is a compassionately bold approach to business coaching that offers marketing consulting, public speaking and workshops to help professionals create a vision for their business that’s bigger than their fear.  Having been a small business owner, straight commission advertising sale person, marketing professional, sales trainer/public speaker and consultant, she gets it.  She helps to identify and move obstacles to lead her clients to success.  She brings all of her marketing and business experience, curiosity, compassion and boldness to every coaching session and absolutely loves what she does.  

Past Intensive Seminars

March 2021: Stock Market Basics

What is a stock, what is an exchange and why should you care? If you’re planning to retire someday, you'll want a nest egg or a rock-solid passive stream of income. Preferably both. On this seminar, we will define and talk about exchanges, markets and sectors. Bear and Bull markets. Bonds vs Equities. Crashes and Corrections. Join us to delve into the illusion of predictability and the importance of diversification. We will give you all the basics to help you become an "informed consumer" when it comes to securities and investments.

February 2021: Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score

Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score will be taught by Rena-Fi’s CEO and Founder, Rick Webster. Join us for this 4-day intensive seminar as we learn the basics of credit scores and what we can do to improve them. This seminar will include worksheets, course recordings and one-on-one consultations with the instructor.

January 2021: Measure and Evaluate Your Financial Position

In this 4-day intensive seminar you will measure and evaluate your financial position to better understand what needs improvement and how to set yourself up to achieve your goals throughout the new year. This seminar will be made up of 4 interactive sessions that are accompanied with a workbook, recordings of the sessions, and one-on-one consultations with the instructor.

December 2020: The Road to Financial Recovery

Are your finances in a train wreck state .. AGAIN? Get off of the ADHD roller coaster. Are you tired of simplistic solutions offered by people who don’t have a clue about your life with ADHD? Just make a budget, they say. Just spend less, they say. Just get responsible, they say. Are you tired of feeling badly about yourself because you’ve failed at yet another surface level solution? Bewildered? Are you wondering what’s wrong with you? Nothing! That’s what’s wrong with you! People with ADHD suffer financial problems at 4 x’s the rate of the general population. We often call it the “ADHD Tax.” It doesn’t have to be that way.

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