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Interested in being a presenter for one of our webinars? Here is everything you need to know.

We hope the main reason you’ve gotten this far is that you share in Rena-Fi’s core passions and values. Our goal is to reshape financial literacy and how people look at money; that means we bring in people like YOU to help define applicable knowledge in a new and exciting way. Think of it in terms of a Renaissance of financial literacy as you know it.

In return for your time, we can offer you a promotion of your brand and message through channels such as social media, exposure to our audience and clients, and being a featured presenter in our library.                                                                                              

Here’s an example of a previous webinar:

Here’s what makes us valuable to you and/or your brand:

  • We have paid subscribers coming in regularly who want new content and are looking to learn. You would be visible to our subscribers as well as our growing audiences on social media.
  • We are a “rising star” startup company in the early stages and we believe there’s immense potential. Grow with us.
  • We are giving you a new outlet to share your message and reach new audiences. It’s a chance to promote you and your business ventures which will help you with SEO.

All presenters must submit samples of their work or links to the work. If we contacted you – then we have already done this stage (looking at links and previous work). We just need to finalize your topic you’ll be doing a webinar on and get all our T’s crossed (paperwork).

Please email with the below info and/or fill out the form below with:

Video examples of presentation experience (or take one of our webinar workshops)

Biography and a headshot

Outline of presentation (optional)

Contact info including e-mail/phone number for audience follow-up along with website address and any social media links.

Rena-Fi, Inc. Marketing and Photo Release

Rena-Fi’s Photo Release

Rena-Fi’s Release and Waiver

Topics must be related to financial literacy or the social aspect of money, as well as being relevant to the Rena-Fi, Inc. brand. Potential categories include:

  • Financial aspects of career planning
  • Financial and legal aspects of employment
  • Personal financial records system
  • Plan your tax strategy
  • Consumer credit
  • Financial aspects of housing decision
  • Insuring your resources effectively
  • Home and car insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement and estate planning
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Investing
  • Personal Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Professional Certification in Finance
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Life Applications
  • Goal Setting
  • Testimony

Generally, however, we want YOU to shine, so if you have found a passion in your life that you love speaking on, we can help you find a way to share it in some way on our channel. Contact us!

Webinars are typically one hour in length and are generally formatted as a 30-minute presentation/interview with a 30 minute Q&A with the audience. A test (“Sound Check”) is required directly preceding the live webinar which usually takes 10-15 minutes. This will be done one-half hour before the webinar is due to take place to allow for the correction of any technical glitches.

We have an ongoing Mastermind Series which is live every Sunday at 5PM EST. Other webinars such as our Round Tables and Mind Shares are based on speakers’ schedules.

The presenter will need the following items to present effectively:

  1. Reliable Internet connection
  2. HD Portable camera
  3. Microphone
  4. Earbuds
  • Area free from clutter and distractions, including zero background noise for streaming.
  • Appropriate language is used at all times. No profanity will be tolerated.

We will ask that a test is completed of the area and equipment you will be using before the webinar. Under special circumstances like having a YouTube channel, we won’t require this test.

The webinar will be recorded. It will then be edited with the full version residing in our content library for subscribers only and excerpts pulled from it for marketing purposes. As the presenter, you’re welcome to share the marketing excerpts. If your webinar was fed through Facebook live, a copy of that webinar will also reside on Facebook.

Although the webinar is focused on the agreed topic, we do allow our presenters to promote their services, products, or brands briefly at the end of the webinar after the conclusion of the Q&A session. Presenters also have the opportunity to make one final pitch in the follow-up email that will go out (post-webinar email) to our audience, but it is up to the presenter to submit anything they want to be included, understanding that Rena-Fi, Inc. has the final right of refusal to decline any promotion that doesn’t align with its mission statement or values.

If a presenter would like additional features, we can and will consider quotes and pro-tips from the presenter, elements in the media (news, blogs) and other supporting materials as it relates to financial literacy and the agreed upon topic. It is up to the presenter to forward these materials along to Rena-Fi, Inc. for review and promotion.

We promote upcoming webinars on our social media channels and email marketing campaigns as well as the subscriber portal on the back end of our website. A week before the webinar, we increase promotions and include it in our newsletter and social channels as well as run ads to increase traffic.

In the event a presenter is unable to make a scheduled webinar, we ask that as much prior notification as possible be given.

All webinars are recorded and remain the property of Rena-Fi, Inc.

Rena-Fi, Inc. reserves the right to use the recorded webinar and presentation materials for marketing purposes or the use of client education at its discretion.

There will be no financial compensation to either party related to content, editing, marketing or otherwise.

All post-production editing will be done by Rena-Fi, Inc. via a contracted third party. Rena-Fi, Inc. oversees the entire process to make sure there is alignment with its core mission and correctly conveys the topics agreed upon by the two parties.

You have the right to contact Rena-Fi, Inc. to add additional tags, request updates to a description or add additional links to your social media channels.

Rena-Fi, Inc. will share the video(s) on social media and with its roster of subscribers.


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