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Fillable Basic Business Financial Plan

Starting your own business is an exciting if not somewhat frightening task. A lot of time and effort go into starting and running a company, but before you get that far, you need to assess what your start up costs will look like. You’ll need to consider the cost of things such as materials, supplies, and sales and marketing. As well as needing help from someone such as a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and even independent contractors. Everything costs money in some form or another whether it’s how much you’re paying for materials or what someone’s wage is. It’s important to keep track of those expenses to successfully get your business off the ground!

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What Detroit Poverty Really Looks Like – My Story

My name is Achsha Jones, I’m a thirty-eight-year-old “Xennial” (Gen X/Millennial cusp), native and current Detroiter. This is #MyRenaFiStory. I have two daughters, twelve and six, and a fifteen-year-old stepson. In the last decade, I’ve filed for bankruptcy and divorce, remarried, had another child, changed careers twice, purchased a home and went broke. Telling the story of how my upbringing and experiences of almost four decades have brought me to my present state is complicated and lengthy so I’ll give you the Readers’ Digest version.

Growing up in 80s Detroit, I saw a lot; the city was heavily segregated and losing thousands of residents every year. There was an annual tradition of massive arson lasting up to a week that would begin on “Devil’s Night”, the night before Halloween where hundreds of buildings were set ablaze.


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