Elizabeth Brink

Coach Elizabeth Brink partners with women, mothers, and couples who have ADHD to get unstuck. Her clients are building self-coaching skills to support themselves through their personal and professional lives. Before coaching, she enjoyed a career in project management and employee engagement in big tech, non-profits, and for a boutique strategy consulting firm. She understands what it’s like for women with ADHD in the workplace, and the added difficulties of working while caregiving. 

Trained and mentored by some of the ADHD coaching greats, Nancy Ratey, Linda Roggli, and Denslow Brown, Coach Elizabeth integrates their unique approaches to create partnerships with her clients based on compassion, respect, and neuroscience. 

Coach Elizabeth co-hosts a private community for mothers who have ADHD in The Park in the ADHD Enclave, where women with diverse backgrounds and journeys connect and grow in self-acceptance. She’s also a mama with ADHD with her own tales of life with a differently-functioning frontal lobe. 

Elizabeth Brink is an AMAZING coach! She is dedicated, and has an authentic, caring style, with a dash of no bull. I’ve mentored Elizabeth and also used her as my own coach. With tremendous skill and compassion, she coached me through some tough times. I trust Elizabeth implicitly and recommend her to anyone who is ready to live a better, less stressful life!

Nancy R.

I find myself listening to what my brain needs in the moment more than I ever. Coach Elizabeth has a warm, inviting presence and listens really well. She is someone you just want to be friends with. She clearly knows her stuff!

Emilie V.

Through coaching, I’ve learned about my strengths and weaknesses, and developed a tool box of coping strategies and skills. I’ve been able to add routines and organization to my life to help me reach my personal goals and generally feel less overwhelmed and anxious. Coach Elizabeth helped me grow in so many ways and it feels good.