Presenting Like a Pro

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    • There are numerous sources for learning the “basics” of presenting, from classes and books to online blogs and videos. But what’s the next step? How do you elevate your presentations and your skill as a presenter beyond the basics?
    • You won’t leave this workshop with just another list of the do’s and don’ts. Instead, you’ll gain a firm understanding of core principles and how to apply them to different presentation situations, such as meetings, training classes, coaching and, of course, giving presentations.
    • Each of these core principles is presented clearly and convincingly, with plenty of concrete examples from presentations from a wide range of industries.
    • Participants will also have ample opportunities to participate in discussions and get their presentation questions answered.

Participants will learn:

      • How to focus their presentations
      • How to structure their presentations
      • How to create engaging slides
      • How to overcome nervousness

Workshop Presenter

Steve Samson of Samson Speaking

Steve is a trainer, speaker, consultant and coach specializing in presentations, training facilitation and other forms of public speaking. Steve has been delivering training in one form or another for most of his professional career. He began teaching basic Macintosh operations and software back in 1988 and before long he was teaching a wide variety of software on both Macintosh and Windows platforms. From there, Steve started creating custom training curriculum and trainer development programs, which eventually expanded into business skills and communication training. Since 2002, Steve’s focus has been on training and coaching presenters and public speakers, and on coaching trainers and instructional designers to improve the quality and effectiveness of the training that they develop and deliver.



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