Cindy Jobs

Helping her clients facilitate the change they want in their lives is Cindy’s passion.  

“I don’t know anyone who can’t use a bit more productivity to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

Through coaching, my clients can become more productive, successful, and reliable by understanding their strengths and challenges. I help clients better understand what’s important to them, how they may be self-sabotaging, and help them develop the structures and supports that will take them from where they are to where they want to be.

As an ACC-certified coach, I have the skills necessary to help clients define goals and then organize themselves to act on their intentions and attain those goals. By focusing on goals and structuring follow-through, my clients manage their lives to achieve success. Success increases motivation to move forward and achieve their desired outcome over and over again.

My clients look to me for education, process improvement, time and energy management, accountability, thinking partnership, or a combination of any or all.  Everyone needs something different to increase their productivity and reduce stress, and that’s my goal: making my clients’ lives easier and more fulfilling.”

Cindy helped me process a difficult business direction issue I needed to address. I had been working with an advisor who had strong opinions about how I should direct my company but I was not confident that his advice was right for the business. Cindy helped me process all aspects of the issue. At the end of the process, I had the data I needed to make the right decision. Cindy also helped with strategies for communicating my decision to the advisor, which was helpful. I communicated to the advisor that we were pivoting and going in a different direction. While the advisor was not happy about this decision, it was the right thing to do and has allowed me to focus on growing the business. I recommend her coaching services highly.

Fred D.

Sometimes the coach needs a coach! I work as a career and life coach and was struggling with issues related to time management and my relationship to time as I build my new business. Cindy's systematic approach and thoughtful guidance got me through some chaotic thinking and helped me assess my priorities and how I respond to demands on my time. It was just what I needed.