Time Management and Organizational Help in the Palm of Your Hand

Staying organized, remembering what you have to do, and time management are all a daily part of life, but add ADHD into the mix and things get a little more complicated.  You forget what you need to do or don’t give yourself enough time to accomplish the task. Maybe you even lost your to-do list. … Read more

When to Refinance

If you have a sizable loan, whether for your car, student debt or a home, you’ve probably heard the term refinance.
By definition refinance is the action of financing (something) again, typically with a new loan at a lower rate of interest.
Here’s a quick overview on when you should consider it for yourself.

Big Sharks: A Term You Need to Know

When you think of a shark does your brain immediately start singing ‘Baby Shark’ or are you counting the days down to Shark Week on the Discovery Channel?

We bet you’ve probably never encountered the word shark in finances, but it’s a term you need to know!

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Budgeting After Job Loss

If you’re experiencing unexpected financial hardship or have recently lost your job, your concern has most likely immediately fallen on money. How will you pay your bills? Will you be able to afford keeping a roof over your head? How are you going to keep up with expenses while struggling to meet the necessities of … Read more

The Four Pillars of Preparation

  These four pillars will help you prepare for the uncertain and unknowns in life.  They’ll ease those troubling times and make them less stressful.  But, what if you’re already in financial trouble?  What do you do then and how do you get back on your feet?  There are things you can do in those … Read more