Promo Deal with Elaine Taylor-Klaus!

October is ADHD Awareness Month at Rena-Fi, and that means an action-packed month full of resources designed to better your ADHD life!  We have promotions, live events, and tons of free resources.  At Rena-Fi, we believe that knowledge is power.  To further that end, we are giving anyone who signs up with Rena-Fi on an … Read more

ADHD Awareness Month Events and More!

October is ADHD Awareness Month and we are so excited to bring you new content to help you better manage your ADHD. Much of it is designed so you can invite others to join us for events that will help foster conversations to help better understand what you’re going through.  The events we have booked … Read more

Blindsided by Emotions: The Biggest Unrecognized Stumbling Block for Adults with ADHD

Emotional dysregulation isn’t even listed in the diagnostic criteria (DSM-5) for ADHD, and yet it’s something most of us struggle with very frequently. This is often the thing that holds us back the most in our careers, in our relationships and can destroy or self-confidence. How can you cope with emotions that are too… everything?! … Read more

Successful ADHD Entrepreneurship

August 25, 2020 at 7:00PM EDT Many entrepreneurs, diagnosed or not, experience ADHD symptoms. So whether you don’t exactly fit in a corporate environment, or you are too driven and too creative to be contained in a job, entrepreneurship is a frequent choice of adults with ADHD. Thriving as an entrepreneur is challenging. It can … Read more