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Rick Webster is the Founder and CEO of Rena-Fi, a financial literacy education company dedicated to creating ADHD-friendly resources and support systems. 

My Take on ADHD... and Positive Life Strategies

September 2020

The reason I do not buy into “the deficit, disorder, I’m defective” medical model of ADHD is that it’s counterproductive to a life well lived.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not unmindful of the science. ADHD does present challenges, and the medical model can help us with some of them. For example, stimulants can help connect the “knowledge and skills” back of our brain with the “getting it done” prefrontal cortex. That’s a very real thing. The neuroscience is real and we shouldn’t deny it.

But I’m also not oblivious to the deeper holistic truth that emotions, beliefs and mindsets are just as relevant to our everyday happiness and success.

Deficits and disorders? Those are the seeds of victim-hood. Those are the expressions of an external locus of control. Of abdication and capitulation. 

I understand ADHD to be the manifestation of strengths and a constellation of weaknesses.

What am I good at? Passionate about? What makes me feel good about myself? What do I struggle with?

And, from there: What am I going to do about it? What can I do to get to places on time? What can I do to complete my work on time? What can I do to be a great partner to my significant other?

So, for me the questions are always … What am I going to do? Or as Carolyn Myss would say, “Where to from here?” Never, “I can’t because someone told me I have a deficit.”

So, you decide. Are you a victim of across the lifespan deficits and disorders they say you are, or do you take command of your life starting today? Whichever path you choose, you’re going to be right. To be fair, we all vacillate between these two mutually exclusive paths. All of us. But which side is better for us? Which side do you want to live on?

Let’s talk about simple tips and strategies that can help us rein in the negative aspects of our ADHD so we can get on with all the great stuff life has to offer.

Richard Webster, the author of this article, is CEO and founder of Rena-Fi, Inc. His opinions and viewpoints expressed do not necessarily reflect that of Rena-Fi, Inc.

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