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Rick Webster, the founder and CEO of Rena-Fi, Inc. has deep roots within the ADHD community. As a late diagnosed adult, Rick is no stranger to the roller coaster life of ADHD. After recovering from a complete financial meltdown, he created Rena-Fi with the single minded purpose of helping other ADHDers to have softer landings and subsequently much smoother,
more certain upward trajectories.
Rick’s academic background psychology and his decades of practical life experience in business has prepared him perfectly to work with those who aspire to improve their financial lives.

Currently the Coordinator of CHADD’s largest chapter based in Northern California and a former CHADD National board member he has well over two decades of experience working with people who have ADHD. Thousands of people with ADHD. Over the past few years, Rick has partnered with the non-profit, “ADDA” as well, to bring financial and ADHD remediation techniques to an even wider audience.

Primarily focused on the emotional drivers of financial behavior, Rick has positioned Rena-Fi to provide a practical science based program lighting the path out of financial difficulties and leading to financial success.

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