Blindsided by Emotions: The Biggest Unrecognized Stumbling Block for Adults with ADHD

Emotional dysregulation isn’t even listed in the diagnostic criteria (DSM-5) for ADHD, and yet it’s something most of us struggle with very frequently. This is often the thing that holds us back the most in our careers, in our relationships and can destroy or self-confidence. How can you cope with emotions that are too… everything?! You’re too enthusiastic, you’re too depressed, you’re too excited, you lose your temper. It’s never like Goldilocks, where everything is just right. Do you often experience hurt feelings? Are you worrying constantly about things you have said and how they and you were perceived? Do you feel sick or pained when you don’t get a quick response from someone? Do you often believe YOU must have done something wrong…when the expected thing doesn’t happen? Let’s explore coping with the emotional dysregulation of ADHD and its frequent companion, Rejection Sensitivity, with Renee Crook, ACG.

Duane Gordon, ADDA President, is excited to invite you to this conversation with his special guest, Renee Crook, ADHD Coach and ADDA Board member.

Founder and Principal of ADDed Perspective Coaching, Renee is an ADHD Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Support Group Facilitator, Co-Chair for ADDA’s Virtual Peer Support & Workgroups Committee, and Board Member. She is currently based in the stunning Pacific Northwest (Bellevue, WA), but supporting adults with ADHD all over the world through the wonders of modern technology.

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