Are you interested in becoming an educator for Rena-Fi, Inc.? Here is everything you need to know.

An educator is someone who has a passion to teach on a certain subject. In our case, as it relates to Rena-Fi, Inc., it’s someone who teaches on a subject or concept related to financial education, financial literacy and/or behavioral concepts. Examples include but are not limited to finances, behavioral finance, document preparation, goal setting, identifying and changing habits, financial principles, etc.

Individuals who wish to become a Rena-Fi educator need to have a sufficient background that supports whichever course or subject area they wish to teach. To further clarify, your background should align with your subject materials: someone teaching on Finances with ADHD should have a history with ADHD and coaching principles related to money matters; someone teaching a goal setting method should have success with such a method and have their own unique take on a system or have distinctions in a field such as a behavior economist and want to bring original course content to a new audience.

Topics must be related to financial literacy or the social aspect of money as well as being relevant to the Rena-Fi, Inc. brand. Potential categories include:

  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Investing (Real Estate, securities, etc)
  • Personal Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Professional Certification in Finance
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Life Applications
  • Goal Setting
  • Consumer Credit
  • Etc.

Our goal is to provide a more well-rounded individual when it comes to a personal or professional setting. We encourage educating on traditional topics but LOVE being presented with new exciting topics that will inspire people to have a new way to look at money.

Here’s what makes us valuable to you and/or your brand:

  • We have paid subscribers who seek new content and are looking to learn. You would be visible to our subscribers as well as our growing audiences on social media.
  • We are a startup company in the early stages and we believe there’s immense potential. Grow with us.
  • We can provide you with a new outlet to share your message and reach new audiences. It’s a chance to promote you and your business ventures which will help you with SEO.
  • Each course will have: a description, objectives, outline of lessons/modules, worksheets, a term sheet, and videos teaching each lesson.
  • Courses can be taught in long or short format. Long format is described as one topic broken down into several modules in order to properly relay concepts. The short format is described as one concept needing a minimum of an hour or one module’s worth to teach.
  • Any recorded videos that are sent to Rena-Fi, Inc. or live streams that will take place should be shot using a high-quality camera, proper lighting, clear background and space with minimal background noise. Educators should speak clearly into the camera/microphone. Equipment or videographers will not be provided by Rena-Fi, Inc. and to that point, if Educator cannot deliver such mediums, an agreement cannot be fulfilled as the video is the main source for relating information for our students.
  • Educators desiring for a live course format will need to submit a test video prior to an agreement being finalized. This can be done as a link or in mp4 format.
  • Once an agreement is finalized, Educator will be responsible for adhering to a schedule of deliverables as outlined by the agreement.
  • Based on an agreed upon schedule, materials will be released to the student body, and a course overview will be made public to potential subscribers.

It will be up to the Educator and an authorized representative of Rena-Fi, Inc. to discuss compensation for materials related to a course on a course-by-course basis. Compensation will be dictated by Educator qualifications, course materials and duration, and level of academic understanding.

All content used in this process remains the property of Rena-Fi, Inc.

Rena-Fi, Inc. reserves the right to use the materials for marketing purposes or for use of client education at their discretion.

Apply to become an educator with Rena-Fi, Inc.