Are You in Debt Denial?

Taking an assessment of your money situation is an important first step in having a better relationship with money or being better able to use money as a tool in your arsenal.

The infographic featured here has some great starting points to help you identify whether you’re in denial due to debt. If you’re managing your debt well, let these prompts help you all the same to better manage your money.

  • How does your income match up against your debt?
  • What do you consider to be your debt? Are debts and expenses the same thing?
  • How stable is your income?  Do you try to carry less debt for a less stable income?
  • Are you still paying on things that you no longer have?
  • Do you know what the difference is between consumer debt and investment debt?

As you ponder these questions, we hope you become more aware of your unique situation. We encourage you to stay tuned as we delve more into some of these topics and if you need answers now, reach out anytime!

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