ADHDers – We Want You to Know, You’re Not Alone with Your Messy Financial Life

Did you know that financial stress is the number one health threat in the country? We are willing to bet you didn’t because you probably spend more time managing your ADHD, but not honing in on your financial life. 


But did you also know that 62% of individuals with ADHD have severe financial problems. “Severe” is defined as having a serious and acute problem such as a filed foreclosure, an

impending repossession, or an in-progress eviction. That’s a big number and a serious problem to realize. 


Poor management of your finances means stress that leads to catastrophic events. It’s skipping life-saving pharmaceuticals in order to buy food and pay the rent. It’s a major factor precipitating divorce and relationship strife. It can be a factor in accidents and suicides. It even costs employers $7,000 per year PER employee and takes 10 – 12 years off of a person’s life expectancy. The studies are all out there. With more and more surmounting evidence that financial stress is alive and well, we need to address it. Not tomorrow, but today.  


We want you to know that we at Rena-Fi get it. ADHD touches every one of our lives either directly or indirectly as employees of this company. Each of us has been through financial adversity and are currently “in process” or have come out on the other side. We may not have similar circumstances, but we are willing to bet we have similar stories and can find places to relate. 


“I was diagnosed with ADHD about twenty-five years ago after seeing my financial world collapse down to nothing. Seriously, nothing. No home, no career, and almost no stuff. Ground zero,” said Rick Webster, CEO of Rena-Fi. “Do people talk about it? No. Did I talk about it when it was happening to me? Are you kidding? Of course not!”


“There’s shame, embarrassment and a deeply personal sense of failure attached. Instead of talking about it, we do the opposite. We hide it. We pull out the credit card and go to StarBucks with our friends, pretending all is well. We buy fancy cars we can ill afford. We buy comfort food and self medicate with empty calories. We seek therapy for anxiety, self loathing, and depression. We will do almost anything to avoid facing the problem head on,” continued Rick. “This issue is far deeper and bigger than I ever imagined when I started this company. It’s heartbreaking … and it’s unnecessary. That’s the real tragedy. Financial distress is a solvable problem. Solving this problem is why Rena-Fi exists.”


Our team continues to create content that is deeply meaningful to them while researching and connecting with others who can expand upon areas of interest from our subscribers. What are we doing differently than other financial platforms? We are creating a community to help offer accountability. We are creating events we want to attend and, as such, hope you’ll want to attend them, too. And we are writing about the things we are experiencing every day that affect our lives, because together we can achieve more. 

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