Your ADHD could negatively impact your financial behavior, causing you to miss credit card payments, have trouble maintaining employment and more.

If your ADHD is negatively impacting your financial well being, you’re not alone, and Rena-Fi can help.

At Rena-Fi, we’re in the business of improving people’s lives of people with ADHD through financial literacy education. We understand and have empathy for the challenges people face every day that could factor into their financial decision-making. We also understand how much bigger your money challenges often become if you’re also struggling with ADHD.

Currently 62% of people with ADHD*  have severe financial problems such as a foreclosure, impending repossession or an in-progress eviction. The seriousness of these issues makes it no surprise that financial stress is the top health threat in the United States. And if you’ve been focusing more on managing your ADHD than managing your money, you too could be at risk of serious financial and health problems.

Rena-Fi helps people with ADHD manage their finances better

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Today is the day for you to get a handle on your finances. Doing so with ADHD can be difficult, but it’s not impossible—especially with Rena-Fi by your side to help. As a Rena-Fi community member, you’ll have access to the following:


  • Mastermind Groups: These monthly facilitator-led accountability groups will focus on a general ADHD topic.


  • Interactive Courses: Rena-Fi’s flagship, comprehensive 18-week personal financial management course is ADHD-friendly and is designed to help you blaze a new path out of crisis and into stability and safety, or even on to wealth if that’s your target.


  • Workshops: These highly interactive study groups are devoted to a narrow topic. A qualified financial educator will teach basic principles and guide the discussion. Class sizes are small to allow for maximum participation and learning.


  • Content Library Access: Review our library of worksheets, workbooks, full past event replays and courses, informational articles and e-books whenever you’d like. 


  • Open Hours: Similar to a college professor’s office hours, Rena-Fi’s open hours offer access to our instructors to help answer additional questions or provide more depth to a prior course discussion. Open hour calls can be conducted either via video or audio only.


  • ADHD-Specific Content: You can read through our blog posts that offer tips on managing your finances while dealing with ADHD such as how not to overbuy at the store, creating a budget and more.

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There’s no time like the present to get a handle on your financial health—especially when you’re trying to handle your ADHD at the same time. Rena-Fi has created a variety of courses, reading materials, videos, events and more that are specifically designed to improve your financial literacy while you manage your ADHD.

Don’t go it alone! Sign up for your monthly or annual Rena-Fi subscription today. 


*Dr. Russell A Barkley, 2008

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