New ADHD Course Material Added


In a little known fact, Rick Webster, our CEO, has had the honor of volunteering with CHADD for the past twenty years.  He is the current Coordinator of CHADD’s largest chapter.  In that capacity he has had conversations with several thousand ADHDers.

ADDA was Rena-Fi’s first affiliate partner.  In that capacity, Rick participates in various webinars and programs to help support ADDA and the ADHD community.

So, what does a financial education platform like Rena-Fi have to do with ADHD other than our CEO’s personal relationship? Statistics point out that 61% ADHDers (Russell Barkley 2008) have serious financial issues; that’s four times the general population rate. Rena-Fi’s sole mission is to empower those who thirst for a better life through financial literacy.  Therefore, Rena-Fi has developed an essential set of courses specifically for the ADHD population..

Linda Walker of Focus Action Success, is teaching our newest course. She’s no stranger to ADHD and has been featured on the ADDA site with various articles, webinars and mentoring sessions. Since 2005, she has been providing specialized ADHD coaching and training to English and French-speaking entrepreneurs, professionals, adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and other creative geniuses who struggle with productivity, organization and focus.

The course, Financial Literacy for the ADHD Mind, outlines typical maladaptive behaviors and habits that are specific to ADHD and how to overcome them with success as we deal with our money matters.

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