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ADHD Awareness Month Starts HERE

If you’ve ever been faced with a mental roadblock due to a diagnosis, one that can be treated or has to be maintained, then sometimes adulting or just doing life can seem like a monumental task. And managing money within that? You could say, ‘Tomorrow I’ll learn about that,’ or ‘I’ve got money in my bank account, I’m fine,’ or ‘I know what a budget is, what more do I need to know?’ The truth is you need to know the basics now, not later. And you need to know how to tailor that rudimentary information for how your unique, individual brain works.

Your brain is the driving force for all things. If you’ve been diagnosed with a mental disorder, you’ve seen doctors and perhaps therapists and various other professionals to help better inform you and provide solutions for the way your brain is firing. You’ve taken the initiative in that aspect of your life, but why wouldn’t you do the same for your finances? And if you could get support and financial management help simultaneously, wouldn’t you?

There are resources galore when it comes to managing things like ADHD, but little in terms of helping to retrain the mind to serving you and your wallet in the same place. We cannot take the place of medical help, but we can give you access to resources, coaches, and professionals to help bridge the gap between support and financial literacy. Two is greater than one, right?

October is a month that has been dubbed ADHD awareness. What better time than now to bring together resources that talk about ADHD symptoms and financial problems that have real-life solutions? We have a wide array of content ready to go live and workshops and live events scheduled with top ADHD professionals.

While we cannot always control what happens to us, we can control how we move forward. With a helping hand from Rena-Fi, we’d like you to become a subscriber today and learn how to become financially literate and thrive as we bring awareness and positive solutions to the ADHD community.


Managing money begins within our minds. It’s in the values we hold, the power it may have in our lives and the habits that directly affect money coming in or going out. For example, you couple an ‘I deserve this’ attitude with no knowledge or basic skills to manage money, you may find yourself in deep water. If you jump from job to job but continue living beyond your means because you don’t know your means, you’re drowning slowly. Or, if you’ve wrecked the relationships around you and are struggling to identify with others who don’t totally get you, you have no support and probably no money, you’re dead in the water.

We live in a culture that requires money for just about everything. It’s a life skill that isn’t taught and resources are usually scarce or hiding. Most don’t realize they have a problem, or even a solution in that aspect of their life . The fact that you’re here reading this says you’re taking the first step. Congratulations.

We hope we can navigate through murky water but to teach you how to float and then swim full lengths on your own.

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