ADHD Awareness Month Events and More!

October is ADHD Awareness Month and we are so excited to bring you new content to help you better manage your ADHD. Much of it is designed so you can invite others to join us for events that will help foster conversations to help better understand what you’re going through. 

The events we have booked this month that are free to anyone include:

As always, subscribers get access to our Video Library (which is getting a fresh new look) that will include full-length videos of all of our past events. 

We also wanted to encourage you to check out a great resource to print and download. The ADHD Money Discussions is a compilation of questions designed to help you open up about your beliefs, your unique situation, and your dreams. Conversations and communication are the key to helping connect you to others!

Last, but not least, we also wanted to mention that if you weren’t an annual subscriber yet, how come? Not only do you save money, but this month you’ll also get a free hard copy of ImpactADHD’s Elaine Taylor-Klaus’ brand new book, The Essential Guide to Raising Complex Kids.

Don’t forget that even if your schedule has been insanely busy, or you just plumb forgot, you can still take part in our ADHD Friendly Personal Finance course or our Entrepreneurs with ADHD Course. We are posting recordings so that you can binge watch and jump in live for an upcoming session all caught up. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to get the latest updates and information on current events or just to connect with us when you’re browsing the latest Reels or Stories. 

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