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About Us

During the last year, Rena-Fi has fine-tuned its mission, which is to ignite every new relationship we make as well as create deeper connectedness and inspiration among our existing relationships.

Did you know that the United States ranks 14th globally in financial literacy?

Even more alarming—between 2009-2015 Americans got worse at answering five key personal finance questions posed by FINRA – a major U.S. financial regulator. (Source—Visual Capitalist, Jeff Desjardin, October 28, 2018). Clearly, something needs to change radically with respect to how financial literacy is defined, developed, and delivered.

 The Rena-Fi Renaissance constitutes this change. Our programs are dedicated to educating our subscribers on the academic side of financial literacy how-to’s AND to facilitating their enlightened self-interest, intentional living, and future growth. We are embarking on a holistic approach to financial education, one that will empower individuals to make conscious choices for a better future.

Financial clarity is key to improving financial literacy.

We believe that a person’s clarity about personal finance is critical to their personal growth and overall well being. The clarity must be based on behavioral analysis that reveals the common thread between a person’s life and habits and their finances. In other words, Rena-Fi doesn’t just look at what you’re spending your money on, but also why you choose to spend your money on certain things. Getting to the bottom of your financial behavior will help you craft a plan to help you make better choices going forward.

 Rena-Fi uses related science, including psychological and physiological theories, to help our subscribers better understand why they do what they do when it comes to their finances. We then build on that self-understanding with knowledge about finances, math, and communication. As your financial literacy improves, you’ll begin to think more strategically about the long-term as well as what you want in the present, which will lead to small, incremental rewards as you work towards your financial goals.

Work with a wealth of experts.

Rena-Fi’s platform will bring science, math, analysts, and catalysts together to shape your knowledge of money and finances.

We will engage with behaviorists, scholars, coaches, psychologists, and those on a transformational path. These thought leaders and change agents will be at your disposal so you can gain the self-understanding and tools you need to make positive, long-lasting changes.

There’s no better time than now for a Renaissance related to how people learn to manage their finances. The future depends on it.

Rena-fi is creating a phenomenal path to renewal.

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