Behavioral Personal Finance:
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On January 28th @ 7:00 PM EST
Duane Gordon, President of ADDA
The Magic Power of Rituals:
Q&A with ADDA President,
Duane Gordon

ADHD is hard on your wallet. Adults with ADHD earn less and lose more to the “ADHD tax.” Budgeting is hard, and saving is harder. Let’s talk about these problems - including a solution, the ‘magic’ power in rituals.

Duane Gordon, President of ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association) is joining us to talk about his personal experiences, give some advice, and share an abundance of resources to help us find success. Please join us!

MasterMind Groups are in Progress!
Cindy Jobs
Tuesdays @ 7:00PM EST
MasterMind Groups are in Progress!
Cindy Jobs
Thursdays @ 12:00 PM EST
ADHD-Friendly Personal Finance
18 weekly sessions offered 3x / week

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Group and 1-on-1 coaching sessions included with membership.


Mastermind groups to support you with shared learning and resources.


Videos, articles, worksheets and webinars from financial, legal and business experts.

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Program Features

Rena-Fi's Program Features:

Behavioral Personal Finance Courses

We teach financial health. We’ve created a comprehensive 18-week course that is specifically designed for those with ADHD and those who are particularly vulnerable to financial instability. (Subscribers only)
Rena-Fi has produced a 10-week course that is designed for those with recurring financial difficulties and stress. Solutions that work. (Subscribers only)

Coaching Connections

Four-week mini-courses led by coaches, 1-on-1 coaching consultations, and peer-led groups and forums for a “community coaching” experience. Group sizes are kept small to ensure that each member gets the support, motivation, and accountability that they need. (Subscribers only)

Resource Library

A collection of course material to go along with our four-week mini-courses, as well as our flagship 18-week course. But even if you aren’t taking a course, you’ll benefit from the stand-alone worksheets, workbooks, informational articles and e-books in our library. (Subscribers only)

UPLift Challenge

The UPLift Challenge is a series of daily 10-minute activities, each centered around a monthly theme and leading toward a larger goal for that month. This approach breaks down a substantial monthly goal into smaller, more manageable pieces, and lets you do it with a group of like-minded members of our community. (Subscribers only)

Open Hours

Talk to our instructors, outside experts, or guest coaches to get answers to questions about challenges that you’re facing, or to provide more clarity and depth regarding something covered in one of our courses or other events. (Subscribers only)

Video Library

Full-length replays of past interviews, events, and courses, along with bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage for your amusement at our expense! Catch up on a missed class, sit down (virtually) with industry experts and everyday people to hear their stories of overcoming challenges to create a better financial future. (Subscribers only)

Affiliate Partner Alliance:  Rena-Fi offers a generous compensation program for closely aligned non-profit organizations and other groups seeking to provide more value for their membership.  Please use the “Contact Us” form below to inquire further.

Affiliate Partner Seminars:  Live, often physically in-person events held for one of our affiliate partners.  They are topic-driven, relevant, and custom-designed to specifically address the needs of the affiliate partner’s group.  Attendance will vary based on the venue and hosting organization/individual. Pricing is dependent on the scope, location, and duration of the program. Please use the “Contact Us” form below to inquire further.


Our Upcoming Events

january, 2020

26jan11:15 am11:50 amInstructor's Office Hours11:15 am - 11:50 am EST Spaces Still Available

26jan1:00 pm2:15 pmADHD Class: Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs [Live Class Sunday 1 PM]1:00 pm - 2:15 pm EST Spaces Still Available

26jan7:00 pm8:15 pmADHD Class: Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs [Live Class Sunday 7 PM]7:00 pm - 8:15 pm EST Spaces Still Available

28jan4:15 pm4:50 pmInstructor's Office Hours4:15 pm - 4:50 pm EST Spaces Still Available

28jan6:00 pm7:15 pmThe Emotional Drivers of our Financial Decisions [Live Class Tuesday 6:00 PM EST]6:00 pm - 7:15 pm EST Spaces Still Available

28jan7:00 pm8:00 pmThe Magic Power of Rituals, A Q&A with ADDA President, Duane Gordon7:00 pm - 8:00 pm EST Spaces Still Available

28jan7:00 pm8:30 pmMasterMind Group with Cindy Jobs7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EST Spaces Still Available

30jan11:15 am11:50 amInstructor's Office Hours11:15 am - 11:50 am EST Spaces Still Available

30jan12:00 pm1:00 pmMasterMind Group with Christine Kotik12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST Spaces Still Available

30jan6:00 pm7:15 pmADHD Class: Applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs [Live Class Thursday 6 PM]6:00 pm - 7:15 pm EST Spaces Still Available


Our Subscription Program

30 Day Back Money Guarantee



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Rena-Fi provides an academic, research-based and practical educational platform with insight into behavioral finance. Our mission is to teach our subscribers about the emotional aspects of money behavior as well as give them the technical skills to take control of their financial futures.

Is there a free trial?

No. But you can cancel at any time. Within the first 30-days, if our program doesn’t meet your expectations for any reason, or even for no reason, you can request a full refund.  If you are dissatisfied or feel we could be serving you better, please reach out to us.

What is the difference between the monthly and annual subscription?

There is no difference.  Either way, you’ll have access to all that Rena-Fi has to offer.  Utilizing the monthly subscription gives you the flexibility to pay as you go.  Perhaps you just want to check us out for a month and then make a decision. The benefit of annual is that you will get 12 months for the price of 10. Subscribers who view financial education as a part of life-long learning are much more likely to be successful.  We want you to be successful and it’s why we offer the annual subscription!

What is included in my subscription?

Everything we offer!  Live events, expert webinar speakers, our flagship interactive course, Q & A sessions after every course session, MasterMind groups, open office hours, our daily UPLift Challenge, and brief scheduled “one on one” consultations.  You will have access to all recorded webinars, various forums, our content library, reference materials, and professionally hosted video chat rooms for questions and advice.

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