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What are the benefits of joining Rena-Fi?

We provide an academic and practical educational platform with insight into behavioral finance. Our mission is to enable subscribers to take control of their financial futures.

Is there a free trial?

No. You can cancel anytime within the first 30-days if our program doesn’t meet your expectations.

What is the difference between the monthly and annual subscription?

Utilizing the monthly subscription gives you the flexibility to opt-out at any time. However, subscribers who view financial education as a long-term project are much more likely to be successful.

If you belong to any of our partner organizations listed below we will give you 35% off of our annual subscription rate:

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What is included in my annual/monthly subscription?

24/7 access to all courses and live/recorded webinars. You will also have access to various forums, library, reference materials and professionally hosted video chat rooms for questions and advice.


Open Hours is video conferencing with a host, a Rena-Fi team member and/or industry professionals available for questions, consults or general information. Subscribers Only.
Live Courses are educators presenting a module or lesson based on material that is available on the Rena-Fi website through video conferencing. In these courses, you can listen to the educator and ask questions live. Subscribers Only.
Mastermind Series is a changing monthly subject where Rena-Fi brings in educators and professionals to present on a relevant subject via video conferencing with a question and answer segment. As we are able, we will strive for panel discussions through video conferencing on the monthly subject with educators and professionals. Subscribers Only.
Mindshare Webinars are video conferences where Rena-Fi brings in speakers focusing on financial and behavioral topics. The presentation is followed by an audience question and answer segment. Open to anyone.
Rena-Fi Replays are all the past recorded webinars that are available in full length through our subscriber portal. Subscribers Only.
Rena-Fi Round Tables are hosted video discussions where Rena-Fi brings in various speakers focused on a certain topic. Audience members may submit questions for the panel to answer. Open to anyone.
Seminars are events held in a physical location relating to a topic on financial literacy. Attendance will vary based on the venue and hosting organization/individual.
Workshops are registered events limited to a certain amount of people on a particular subject done via video conferencing. An educator will moderate and teach basic principles on a subject. Students will then be asked for an overview of their personal scenario. The educator will assign individual ‘homework’ and accountability partners (other people in the group). Multiple follow up sessions via video conferencing are scheduled to track progress. Subscribers Only.
Teasers are snippets of past webinars usually focused on a subject, usually about four minutes in length from a previous Rena-Fi webinar. Open to anyone.
Informational Videos are brand ambassador, affiliate or past webinar speakers featured on the Rena-Fi YouTube covering their money story, short educational topic or valuable information relating to financial literacy. Videos are usually four to ten minutes in length. Open to anyone.