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Rena-Fi’s Affiliate Partnership program is a mutually beneficial association that we offer to empower your audience/customer base with practical tools, information and resources to master basic financial literacy.

With Rena-Fi’s no risk guarantee, we offer our students tools for budgeting, saving and investing at all levels of financial literacy.

Ideal organizations for affiliate partnerships include:

Colleges & Universities; beneficial to help students understand:  

  • Student loan and credit card debt
  • Insight into transitioning from a job to a career
  • The importance of saving
  • Practical ways to save
  • Budgeting
  • Investment risk evaluation
  • Behavioral Finance: The emotional aspects of money management

Financial Institutions> – Banks and Credit Unions

  • Reduce borrower default rates
  • Increase bottom line profits
  • Increase client retention rates

Mortgage Brokers

  • Help marginal borrowers to qualify for loans
  • Increase loan application approval rates
  • Lower default rates

Community Development Organizations

  • Churches
  • CDFI’s
  • Community Centers
  • Non-Profit Programs
  • Social Welfare Programs

Talk to us about how Rena-Fi’s affordable financial literacy program might help your organization.

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